Learn more about  the adoption process here at Life Unleashed Farms.

Our waiting list procedures go as follows:


1. A family inquires via our application form:


YOU MUST THOROUGHLY READ THROUGH OUR WEBSITE, including our educational page, Sheepadoodle Facts page, and our contract. In your submission, you MUST INCLUDE information about your home environment, daily schedule, how much research you have done on this cross/breed, especially their grooming needs, as well as, children and other pets in your home, and what you plan to do with your potential new family member while you are away from your home.


2. Submit your contract through DocuSign.


Once your application has been approved, we will send you the contract via DocuSign. The top portion will be left blank, which will be filled out once your puppy choice has been made (more on that below.)

3. Place your reservation fee.


The $500 (reservation fee is NON-refundable) is due upon submission of your contract. This reservation fee is non-refundable but can be transferred to up to two future litter if the need arises. After two litters have passed, you forfeit your deposit.


The deposit can be made via Venmo, PayPal via messenger app ONLY, Cash, and Apple Pay. The remaining balance will be paid in full with CASH ONLY.


4. THE HARDEST PART...WAITING...and watching for updates.


We understand a family's excitement for their potential new family member, so as soon as there are updates to be had, we will send our announcements as posts on our Instagram and website.

The Life Unleashed team will go through our waiting list in order when puppies are available.

We will post birth announcements to our announcements page on our website within 24 hours of birth.

To view instant photos and videos you MUST follow our Instagram:

5. Picking your pup

To ensure you and your pup will be happy for the duration of your pup’s life, we offer a system that ensures you get the best puppy for your family. The trainer and I will do a temperament assessment on every puppy at seven weeks of age. We will then look at the applications and choose the best puppy for your family according to the application and temperament test results.