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On occasion, we have puppies or dogs that are a part of our breeding program that need guardian homes! Learn what that means and how you can be a part of the program.

  • What is the Guardian Program?
    When you become a part of the Life Unleashed Guardian Program, you become the guardian of either a current dog from our breeding program, or a puppy with the potential to be a part of our breeding program. The dog will be used in Life Unleashed Farm's breeding program, and Life Unleashed maintains ownership of the dog. Once the Guardian Contract has been fulfilled, Life Unleashed Farm will sign over ownership to the Guardian Family, and any adoption fee that was placed at the signing of the contract, will be returned.
  • How much does it cost to be a part of the Guardian Program?
    Guardian families pay half the purchase price of the dog upon pick-up. This adoption fee will be returned in full when Guardian Contract has been fulfilled.
  • What guidelines to Guardian Families need to follow when raising the dog?
    Safely confine Dog by use of physical fence or leash. The dog must be raised indoors and be an active member of the family. When left at home, the dog must be properly contained indoors. Dog must be fed puppy food until 6 months of age, and adult food after 6 months. Whichever food you choose to feed must be approved by us. During pregnancy, females need additional nutrients and shall be fed quality puppy food from 3 weeks until end of pregnancy. The amount of food will need to be increased as well and we will coordinate with Guardian on amount. Guardian will provided veterinary care as you would a non-guardian dog, including, but not limited to, vaccinations, flea and worm prevention, and other care not related to breeding. In the event the Dog becomes injured or ill while in Guardian's care, Guardian shall contact us immediately and be responsible for both emergency and non emergency care required including follow up treatment Guardian decides they want to incur. The dog must be well socialized with other dogs and people of all ages. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Due to the fact that the dog will come into contact with new people during health testing, new dogs when breeding, and be exposed to a wide variety of locations and experiences, it is a MUST that they be well socialized. Guardians must provide adequate exercise daily, and not allow the dog to become overweight. This helps protect hips from hip dysplasia. Guardians must provide obedience training and enroll Dog in Canine Good Citizen class, OR completion of therapy training program. We will need to see documentation of enrollment and completion of these classes. The dog must be regularly groomed along with daily, brushing, de-matting, and keeping nails clipped and ears clean and plucked. Guardians are responsible for transporting the dog to us for breeding and any health testing that needs to be done.
  • How long will the dog be a part of the breeding program?
    Females are bred a maximum of six times, depending upon their health, but no more than five years. Males remain a part of the breeding program for up to eight years. We will retire both the males and females if they do not pass health testing, or if we deem the dog unfit to be a part of the program.
  • What happens if the dog becomes ill or injured in the Guardians care?
    The Guardian should contact us immediately, upon illness or injury. The Guardian will remain in contact with us throughout the process and allow us to be involved in any decisions regarding treatment. This includes providing us with copies of all veterinary records involved in the treatment. While we have an active roll in the treatment, the Guardian is responsible for both emergency and non emergency care including follow up treatment. If the illness or injury is due to a pregnancy or whelping complication, we will reimburse the Guardian for those expenses, but the Guardian MUST inform us within 30 minutes of treatment being sought.
  • What happens when you are ready to breed the dog?
    FEMALES: Guardians must inform us as soon as the dog goes into heat and deliver her to us within five days of her first day of her heat cycle. The dog will remain with us until she has passed her peak, which can be up to four weeks, but will more than likely be about a week or two. Then the dog will be returned to the Guardian. MALES: Once we give notice, Guardians must deliver the dog to us within 48 hours. We will keep the dog for up to two weeks.
  • What happens when females are ready to have her puppies?
    One week prior to whelping, the Guardian will need to bring her to our home. She will have pups at our home in our whelping room. Once the pups are weaned (approx. 6-8 weeks depending on female) she can go back to her Guardian home.
  • Can we visit the dog when she is at your home having puppies?
    No. For the health and well-being of the female and her pups, there are no visitors allowed while she is in our home after whelping, including the Guardian family members. The risk of Parvo, a very contagious and deadly disease, is too high.
  • How does being away from the Guardian family affect the dog's well-being?
    They do great! Our Guardian pets are given the same love and attention as the dogs that live within our home. Plus, Guardian pets already know us because of all of the times we have spent with them taking them to their health testing. We also make it a priority to remain an active part of their lives for just this reason! Dogs are very keen to their care taker's feelings. If you make a big deal of the transition, they will pick up on that stress. The more relaxed and nonchalant you are, the smoother the transition will go.
  • What happens if the dog does not pass health testing or you find them unfit to be a part of your breeding program?
    The Guardian Contract will be fulfilled and the dog will immediately be retired. If the dog is old enough to be spayed/neutered, we will pay for the surgery. If the dog is not old enough yet, once they reach the appropriate age, between 8 - 18 months, the dog will be altered at our expense. Reminder! Our breeding quality standards are very high. Not being a viable candidate for our breeding program does not mean you aren't getting a quality dog to be a part of your family!
  • Can a Guardian breed the dog?
    No. Guardian's are not given breeding rights. If Guardians break the contract and have a litter, they will owe us $3,500, or the current market value, per puppy, and the dog will be returned to us immediately.
  • What happens if the Guardian breaks their contract?
    If a Guardian breaks the contract, the dog will be returned to us immediately and their deposit will be forfeited.
  • I'm interested in becoming a Guardian Home. What do I do next?
    Read over the contract and fill out an application!

Guardian Program FAQ

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