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Life Unleashed Farm is made up of several members. You can read a little bit more about each of us below!



The Life Unleashed Family starts with Korina and her family, Mickey, her husband, and their four boys, Hunter, Cody, Jordan, and Kaleb.

Tami, our Program Director, and dear friend makes up a big portion of our Farm! She is the one in charge of keeping things moving smoothly on the technical side as well as communicating with future and current pup parents.

Lastly, we have Kennedy from Affinity Dog Academy. While not technically a part of the Life Unleashed Farm, she is the contracted trainer that we have hired to help us with all things related to the obedience and socialization of the pups. So that makes her part of the LUF Family!

Korina Buehrer - Owner & Breeder

 I love animals, people, and nature alike. After bringing Watson home, and seeing what a fantastic dog he was, I wanted everyone to experience his excellent temperament! This led me to research breeding Sheepadoodles, and Life Unleashed Farm was born.

In additional to breeding, I also attend college, working toward becoming a certified professional midwife by obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Midwifery.


I serve at MamaBaby Haiti, a birthing center in Haiti, because of my passion for helping birthing families take the lead in their prenatal, labor, and delivery.  


I'm also a Session Leader at Living Hope Youth Ranch, where I teach kids to ride horses.

I’m most proud and blessed to be a mom and wife. I have four sons and a wonderful husband who goes along with all my crazy ideas to have goats, and renovate our old house by throwing a million project ideas their way!

My hobbies include travel, breeding Sheepadoodles, and swimming in the Caribbean ocean!

Korina Buehrer

Tami Fox - Program Director

I work remotely for Life Unleashed Farm in Southern California, where I live with my husband, teenaged daughter, and several animals.  I currently have two dogs, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Sukuna, and a Kangal/Akbash/Great Pyrenees mix name Bander, a Lavender Ameracauna chicken named Beatrice, and four rats, Yahtzee, Kevlar, Terra Cotta, and Cricket.

I have been doing agility with Sukuna, my corgi, at the Zoom Room, where he has graduated to Level 3. He absolutely LOVES it, so I decided to begin taking him to our local AKC Agility Club, which we will begin in January.

As Program Director for Life Unleashed Farm, I create forms, send out newsletters, designed/maintain the website, created graphics for social media, screen applicants, send application approvals and contracts, update future and current pup parents via email, keep track of health testing, and pretty much anything that can be done over a computer.

Korina and I are a pretty tight team (she calls me the peanut butter to her jelly.) I’ve been working with her since she was pregnant with her youngest, Kaleb. I started by building her website and creating social media images for her dōTERRA business, Celebrating Life, LLC. I fun my own business, called Tami Fox Designs (formerly Tweedle D’Signs) where I create affordable logos and build websites for small businesses. In addition to my family and animals, creating is my passion, as well as helping people find their vision.

Tami Fox

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Kennedy - Affinity Dog Academy

Hi, my name is Kennedy Fish owner and trainer of Affinity Dog Academy. I knew dog training was the career for me at 11, after I got my first dog, Makua. He was a challenging puppy so I researched and worked with him daily. I learned so much from this. Makua and I formed a  tight bond, and soon realized I couldn’t live without him.
I witnessed many people struggling with their dogs and not enjoying their relationships, the bonds were clearly struggling. I knew then that I wanted to become a dog trainer to help people strengthen their relationships, and enjoy day-to-day life with their dogs.

Right out of high school I started a program for dog trainers and began training with clients of my own right after completing the program in 2018. It’s been an amazing journey of helping people achieve their individual goals with their dogs. I look forward to helping Life Unleashed Farm pup parents create a happy, strong bond with their dogs. 

Kennedy's Certifications

Training Packages

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