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See what our Life Unleashed pup parents have to say about their experience and their pups.


We pride ourselves, not only in the pups we produce but also in the families that these pups choose!  We love to stay in contact with all of our families. We get to see the joy these pups bring them and we get to see them grow into beautiful adult dogs!

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Jack Barnes

Angus, October 2020 Litter

Once we had decided that we wanted a Sheepadoodle as our next companion, we just happened to find Life Unleashed Farm and Korina. After several emails of introductions and getting to know each other, I immediately felt very comfortable with Korina's knowledge and integrity as a breeder.

We arranged a time for a visit to the farm to meet her newest litter. The giant of the bunch stood out to us...Angus would soon be joining our pack and we couldn't wait to see how he got along with his older sister.

Angus's gentle demeanor and friendly personality made him an easy fit and he has since grown into a handsome, well-adjusted, goofy love bug that's always up for some adventure, even if it's helping with yard work.

We couldn't be happier with the overall experience with Life Unleashed Thank you Korina and family for your dedication to breeding top-quality pups!

Bob & Marty Mueller


Mitzvah brings joy no matter where she goes. Whether walking in the park, playing at the beach, or simply being part of a gathering of friends.  She has the ability to be the wild one running up and down the shore or laying on the feet of the company in the house.  


Though still a young pup, the fact that she was raised for the first two months of her life by a great family as well as a fantastic breeder, who from the beginning works to socialize the litter, has made her responsive to learning and the best cuddler.   I’m amazed at Mitzvah’s ability to walk down the street with a  gazillion distractions of construction and traffic or thunder or almost any new situation and not be trying to run and hide or shake. Rather, she looks to you to make sure it’s all right and continues on with you on her way. That comes from a conscious effort from the breeder to instill confidence and curiosity in a pup.  

She’s lovely, cute and friendly, and extremely smart.  Glad she’s our sidekick now.  Looking forward to the years of adventures ahead


Mitzvah,  January 2022 Litter

Wet grass
Wet grass

Matt & Julia Farr

Mae, January 2022 Litter

After thinking about getting a dog for a long time we finally found our match with Mae, a Sheepadoodle from Life Unleashed Farm. 

She’s a perfect fit for our family. She has a wonderfully sweet, goofy and laid back personality and is snuggly and loving. As first time dog owners it was helpful that she came to us trained with some basic commands.

She is super smart and a fast learner. We appreciate the continued advice from Korina at LUF and feel like we won the dog jackpot with Mae!