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March 2021 NEWS!

To say that 2020/2021 has offered unprecedented trials for everyone would be an understatement. Here at Life Unleashed Farm (LUF) we’ve been planning for an incredible upcoming year.

The need for healthy, well-adjusted companions is at an all-time high. In order to meet the needs of those on our waiting list AND (most important) ensuring our dog's health and wellness are prioritized, we are expanding our program! Three new four-legged friends will be joining us this summer! The pups have not been born, but let me share what we have planned.

Life Unleashed Farm is welcoming an AKC Standard size Parti Poodle stud in the late spring. Our boy will be living with a very exciting guardian family in Bend, Oregon. They are happily anticipating his arrival. The waiting game is rough ☺️, we understand!

Our next two additions are female AKC Old English Sheepdogs (OES)! We can’t wait to have these fluffy bobtails bouncing around the house again.

In addition to the new pups, a brand new puppy facility will be started this summer. It is an expansion of our home and will offer an indoor training space for our pups and parents alike. The pups are raised in our home where we work to help them overcome fears, explore their natural curiosities, expose them to different sights, sounds, textures, and people ensuring they go home bold and confident! The expansion will give us more room to play, train, housebreak, and nurture our pup's development. We are so excited!

Breeding of our OES’s will commence AFTER our new additions have had their health testing, obedience training, and OFA’s completed. We will wait at least 1.5 years before breeding our OES females. This will ensure their bones and the reproductive tract have reached full maturity.

Lastly, a professional trainer is joining us to help promote early neurological stimulation (ENS) and important enrichment activities during the puppies’ crucial developmental stages. This is between 3-6 weeks of age. The trainer will be an asset to our program and your future pup. Her formal introduction will be in a separate newsletter!

As you all know, it’s a waiting journey to welcome a pup into the home. That goes for breeders too! The welcome changes and program growth come at an expense, and rightfully so. We don’t expect to expand and add these beautiful upgrades at no cost. Growth is certainly welcomed along with the financial sacrifices to do so.

A few of these cost increases come by way of administrative costs, health testing, website and design support, program administration costs, professional photographer, vet expenses, prenatal supplements, pregnancy vet visits, X-rays, cesarean funds in case of emergency, professional trainer, round the clock care of pups once they are here, kennel/pup supplies, and non-pregnancy related vet funding. This is the shortlist but gives some insight into what we are doing on the farm. Check out this article. It will break down the breeder's cost to help answer any questions that may be popping up in your mind. The link doesn’t reflect exactly how we run our program but pretty close!

Starting immediately puppies will be $3000 with a deposit of $500. The deposit is non-refundable, but transferable to one litter and will be applied to the final amount. The changes will reflect on the puppy contracts and our applications. If this causes any inconvenience we send our deepest apologies. Good things are happening with you and your puppies in mind. It’s an honor to serve you and offer puppies that are sound in mind and body!

Our next litter is anticipated in early summer giving plenty of time to prepare for your new family member (their previous litter is featured above). We are so excited to welcome healthy, strong confident puppies into the world! Please follow us on Instagram if you haven’t already.

We are constantly getting updates from past customers and share it on Instagram. They are all thriving and growing fast! We are so excited to welcome our next litter later this year!

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